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Your pain & misalignment are costing you more than you realize.

  • What is your pain & misalignment costing you?

    Your pain is costing you energy, your personal or family time, the mental freedom we all deserve, healthy relationships or possibly the skills to communicate clearly & money as many attempt to piecemeal their solutions with information for many sources, shifting into overwhelm and inaction. Obsessing on the problem, the “thing” that you think & feel has you stuck in that pain story. As your subconscious & ego are seeking proof or validation of preconceived or outdated stories replaying in your mind, in your cells, manifesting in your physical body-- in order to do what?! 🐉To Protect YOU. When you speak life into your doubts, fears, judgement of self, the limiting beliefs, blocks or tales you are telling yourself, as you to continue to seek proof of "that thing being true", EVEN IF THAT MEANS SABOTAGING YOURSELF & paying the cost, again and again.

  • Are you sabotaging your progress?

    When you speak life into your doubts, fears, judgement of self or others you are telling yourself to continue to seek proof EVEN IF THAT MEANS SABOTAGING YOURSELF—- that you’re right. Isn’t that absolutely insane? Pain is not exclusive to any of us so you’re not alone and I’ve been there more than once. Intentionally pulling yourself through that takes a desire to exit and many of you are comfortable in your discomfort. The known “lesser evil” becomes a repeating cycle that is accepted for generations until someone willing shows up and chooses to heal it by doing the deeper personal development, mindset healing and energetic work. Ask yourself, what happens when you choose to navigate the unknown and step up, call back your energy and show up from your healed version, your divine version of self? Are you willing to receive support or guidance that is not using the same lens? Are you open to showing up and setting goals that are tangible or intangible but more meaningful because of the way they allow you to feel, live, breathe and thrive? Are you willing to navigate the abyss?

  • Action is required & support is available!

    Awakening, growing, evolving are not for the faint of heart and that is why so many stay comfortable within their discomfort. This is a lifetime journey of intentional deepening of your self-awareness & aligned actions that ask of each of us to incorporate a balancing of mindset, body, our spirituality, emotional awareness & soul, not just one area in our human experience will complete the epic journey we each are on. Clear out this muck, ignite that passion, fire and receive support in a way that it will only be a launching pad or much needed tune up for you to see clearly, feel deeply, release and reset yourself so you may fully embody your soul purpose. Allowing for that explosion of joy to overflow into all areas of your life because the cost of not allowing it is too great! You will find self-care, love, and self-discovery tools here for you to use on this healing journey. You may also benefit from 1:1 or Group support. Book your free call with me to explore working together! Discovery calls can be reserved by visiting

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A note from Kendra

In a world where you can be anything, be more of your most authentic, joyful self!

It's an honor to hold space for anyone drawn to what I have to share. I know from personal experience that it can be an incredibly vulnerable space to stretch, grow, learn and try new things. Being seen as a newer version of ourselves requires us to be our biggest fan, FIRST. Often, that invites us to receive support along the way so we may fully embody our highest essence in this next season before others begin chipping away at this new growth. I think of it like a newborn, we care for and nurture new dreams privately at first in the care of qualified, trained professionals & partners before we share them with the world. At times it is downright scary to show up during our expansion, awakening, or launching of a new endeavor, but that is where the magic within us is called to the front to show up as we have trained in private, and shine baby, shine! I do my best to create the loving spaces I do so that YOU may become the hero of your own story. I am here to guide, encourage, empower and support you through this process, and what a beautiful one it is to see. Thank you for allowing me to support you on this leg of your lifelong journey. Gratitude, Kendra
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