Benefits From This Practice

There are an infinite number of benefits one may expereince when intentionally protecting their space, their energy or even their social media and business.

Three benefits that are valuable but not tangible...
Three benefits include clearing negativitiy, boosting vitality, and connecting deeper.

Feel peace of mind & clarity each day

Access the knowledge and skills to craft your personalized spiritual practice, tailored to your preferences and lifestyle. Whether you prefer a short or long practice, with or without specific tools, this course will empower you to design a routine that resonates with you. You will have access to a wealth of valuable resources, including workbooks, recordings, and other materials, which will guide you in discovering your unique approach. Embrace the opportunity to explore and create a practice that aligns perfectly with your individual journey.

What's included? Lifetime Access & Updates

Spiritual Well-Being Is For ALL. We all benefit from performing some form of spiritual hygiene for ourselves, our energy & those around us.

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    2. How to use this course [Video]

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    6. Before we begin, we need your Intention to be clear.

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    1. Understanding Your Auric Field and Addressing Common Energy Problems

    2. Spiritual Hygiene Masterclass Self-Study Audio [28:43 minutes]

    3. Daily, Weekly, & Monthly Routine [Example]

    4. Building Your Spiritual Hygiene Routine Planner [Download]

    5. Building Your Spiritual Hygiene Routine Planner [Viewer Presentation]

    6. The Power Within Boundaries & YOUR "NO". [eBooklet Training]

    7. [Photo & Grounding Exercise] Advanced Energy Cleansing Technique with Crystals

    1. Violet Flame Activation [1 Minute with music]

    1. Liberation: A Lesson & Guided Meditation For Cord Cutting and Energy Release

    1. Embracing Worry Water: The Healing Power of Water in Spiritual Hygiene

    1. The Pharohs Rods, Copper & Zinc

    2. Shungite & Soapstone Pillars/Rods

    3. How to ask a Crystal if if wants to work with you

    4. Creating a sacred space with a crystal

    5. The Power of Crystal & Herb Pairings

    6. The Power of Black Tourmaline

    7. Merkaba Amazonite Crystal: Embrace the Energy of Transformation!

    8. When a Crystal Chips, or Breaks

    9. When a Crystal Disappears

    10. Returning Crystals to Mama Earth

    11. Do I repair a broken crystal?

    12. List: Crystals for Grounding & Protection

    13. [Exercise] Embracing the Sacred Shape of the Merkaba: A Lesson in Spiritual Mastery

    14. These create a harmonious symphony of energies...

    15. Candle Quartz: Embrace the Radiant Light within You!

    16. The Magic of Desert Rose Crystal

    17. Introducing the Magic of Fluorite: Cleanse and purify your energy

    18. Crystal Grids 101 [Images]

    19. Flower of Life Crystal Grid Template

    20. Protection Crystal Grid Template

Welcome to this transformative space where you will discover an array of practices and techniques to nurture your spiritual well-being. Throughout the course, we will delve into simple yet potent tools that you can easily integrate into your daily routine. These tools will assist you in maintaining alignment between your mind, body, and spirit, fostering a harmonious state of being. Get ready to embark on this journey of self-care and spiritual nourishment.

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Begin Creating Your Own Spiritual Hygiene Routine Today

Explore this course and expand your consciousness, acquire fresh perspectives, and develop practical methods to integrate this practice into your life, relationships, and business. Experience the profound transformation that arises when you are fully present, grounded, and empowered with your innate divine voice and authority. Additionally, with lifetime access, you will also benefit from updates and new additions. Embrace this opportunity, beautiful soul, and embark on this empowering journey!

Is this for me & what do I get?

The essential point is that EVERYONE can experience positive outcomes by engaging in the process of healing and purifying their Auric Field, as well as by adopting spiritual hygiene practices in their daily lives and business endeavors. Our energy constantly interacts with and absorbs energy from our surroundings, whether it's through online activities like scrolling social media or watching videos, or through in-person interactions in places like the supermarket when we're surrounded by groups of people.

  • Topics included may be viewed in the Course Curriculum Viewer.

  • Lifetime Access & all future updates.

  • Self-Study Program Training

  • Spiritual Hygiene- Shifting Up Your Environment [Video Lesson]

  • The Power Within Boundaries & YOUR "NO". [eBooklet Training]

  • Spiritual Hygiene Workbook & Planner with special access to Kendra's notes and tips and tricks to assist you in creating your own routine.

  • Akashic Field supported Auric Field Healing.

  • Bonus Guided Meditation to Meet Your Spirit Guide.

  • Additional Resources & Content

Is this for me?

Everyone deserves to understand spiritual hygiene.

Being an Akashic Records Practitioner & Healer, I frequently receive inquiries about how one can establish protection and readiness for spiritual work. The fundamental truth is that spiritual hygiene holds immense value for everyone, given that we consistently encounter and assimilate the energy of others. Whether we're scrolling through social media, consuming video content, or engaging with groups of people at the supermarket, we are constantly interacting with various energies. Not everyone deserves access to your energy, nor should they have access to the energy of your loved ones, your endeavors, aspirations, or creative expressions. It is crucial to discern and select healers and leaders who comprehend the significance of spiritual hygiene when working with clients, recognizing that it extends far beyond being a mere trend.

Feel confident & energized again as you may be around large groups of people, identify as an empath or highly sensitive & heal & shield your aura from others intrusive energies.

A fundamental part of all of our lives is reconnecting with our soul, and releasing what we may have gathered throughout the day.