Will you answer the calling to create a legacy to be proud of?

The expectations and "shoulds" that are placed on the healers of the world today have many hiding, or fearing the idea of being seen. They listen to the noise and struggle to hear the whisper of their higher self guiding them...

Soulfully aligned healer is here to support leading rising Soulpreneurs, soul-guided spiritual leaders, visionaries, healers, and mystics.
Soulfully Aligned Healer

Journey inward, befriend the aspects of yourself that will ground you in your truth, your voice, and your purpose.

Healers are not martyrs, doormats, or here to suffer for others to feel joy.

Oftentimes healers, visionaries, and mystics find themselves investing into their gifts, their bodies, their studies and find themselves conflicted when navigating how to show up for their business, what to charge, or how to embody the aligned path that supports their continued evolution as they unknowingly take on the "shoulds" of a title, or others expectations that healers should be poor or that they aren't supposed to be bigger than --- not seeing the larger picture of what that legacy is activating for others...
Journey inward, befriend the aspects of yourself that will ground you in your truth, your voice, and your purpose.
Is this you?
What has your story of pain, of "shoulds" been costing you? How has it impacted your business growth? Relationships? Peace of mind? Imagine a life where you embody the knowing -- the truth that you deserve all of these things and more!

What would it feel like to have this support?

In a world where we often give more than we receive, what would your life and business look like if you had space to fully show up as your most authentic self?

Here's what you get in this 12-week journey
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Pay in full bonuses total Value $8,750
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    3. Breaking it down into bite sized pieces

    1. Gifts, Passions & Values. The path to your calling. [Podcast]

    2. Illumination Process or PATH? Messaging for your dream client.

    3. Journey down the PATH: Craft Your Dream Client Messaging [Exercise}

    4. Each one, teach one. Network, learn, implement, grow.

    1. Automatic Thoughts: Reframing To Reclaim Control

    2. Affirmations to help combat negative self-talk and imposter syndrome

    3. Scarcity Mindset

    4. Inner Child

    5. Imposter Syndrome [Video Link]

    6. Mindset Playlist on YouTube

    1. Overcome Overwhelm by Human Design Types

    2. Check-in (Reflection)

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