Calling all Visionaries, Healers, Holistic Business Leaders, Soul-Aligned Spiritual Leaders & Soulpreneurs To Rise Up & Be Seen

The World Needs You To Show Up & Share Your Message

In this sacred one-on-one 6-week journey, you will uncover your unique blueprint, buried within you right now, a roadmap that will guide you and those you are here to serve in your life & your business so you may embody and share your transformation daily!
Healing Unleashed Presented by Soulpreneur Life

Do you find yourself helping others naturally & knowing that there is "more" for you to do?

Get ready to uncover your path to ease, clarity & fulfillment you lovely soul

Your pain is costing you money, energy, fulfillment, and time that could be spent doing more of what you truly love & are here to do... The time to transform that is here!
Soulpreneur Life Presents Healing Unleashed

I dare you to imagine a life where peace & balance are commonplace in your decision making...

You deserve a life that you are excited to show up for my dear.

Picture This... Soulpreneur Life Presents Healing Unleashed

Our journey through self-discovery & mastery is personal, that doesn't mean we shouldn't receive support along the way.

Mentorship, space holders, Coaches & Healers all provide YOU leverage, while meeting you where you are today!

How often have you reflected back and thought "If only I knew then what I know now!"? That is the benefit of working with someone else who has the experience, training, and insights to guide you along your way. Saving you time, frustration, money, and energy so you can focus on what truly matters to you!
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Investing in yourself should feel exciting, and good so enjoy some added goodies while you are meeting yourself more deeply!

Bonuses are just a cherry on top of an already monumental transformation you will be experiencing.
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Pay In Full Bonuses

We want you to feel empowered in all that you do and create.

Tap into these pay-in-full bonuses and receive additional one-on-one support to get you from where you are, to where you want to be with added guidance.
Pay in full bonuses

Choose the path that is going to allow you to show up for your purpose, and soul desires!

You have the option to pay in full or to split the payment and allow yourself space to create and bring in income while you are being supported. If you need a special payment plan please email [email protected] for consideration or to book a call.
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Client Love

Spiritual Business Owner & Artists

The transformation we can feel, sense, see, hold or imagine is just as important to understand during this process of discovery and development...
Client Love

Why Work With ME?

Because it's all about YOU!

Why Work With Me?

A note from Kendra

In a world where you can be anything, be more of your most authentic, joyful self!

It's an honor to hold space for anyone drawn to what I have to share. I know from personal experience that it can be an incredibly vulnerable space to stretch, grow, learn and try new things. Being seen as a newer version of ourselves requires us to be our biggest fan, FIRST. Often, that invites us to receive support along the way so we may fully embody our highest essence in this next season before others begin chipping away at this new growth. I think of it like a newborn, we care for and nurture new dreams privately at first in the care of qualified, trained professionals & partners before we share them with the world. At times it is downright scary to show up during our expansion, awakening, or launching of a new endeavor, but that is where the magic within us is called to the front to show up as we have trained in private, and shine baby, shine! I do my best to create the loving spaces I do so that YOU may become the hero of your own story. I am here to guide, encourage, empower and support you through this process, and what a beautiful one it is to see. Thank you for allowing me to support you on this leg of your lifelong journey. Gratitude, Kendra
Soulpreneur Life Presents Healing Unleashed

Activate your hidden healing gifts within to create the life & holistic business you’ve always dreamed of!

A 6-week sacred healing journey into unleashing your soul alignment.

Course curriculum

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    3. A checklist for Moms & Caregivers who manage kids, & households, while balancing relationships, & are building a Soul-Guided business. Supplement.

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